About WiteMedia

WiteMedia concentrate on global mobile internet marketing from April 2015.

Providing global mobile marketing services to our clients.
Customized global marketing solutions fulfilled our clients cross all kinds of business type: applications, gaming industry, e-commerce, branding and traditional PC businesses.

Our Core Values& Culture

No Excuses , Show Results

As keeping this our core values & culture we are constantly looking to improve work efficiency and quality, always reaching for new heights.

No Fear to Take Responsibility

We dare to do, dare to breakthrough. Measure ourselves by the highest standards.

Loyal to Cooperation

Global cooperation delivers consistent brand experience,Local collaboration delivers better solutions for Clients

Courage to Innovate

We are dedicated dreamers who dare to be innovative and adventurous. Through our actions, we strive to establish industry models.

Our Journey

2005 年

2014 年





  • Our Studio has been established & we have begun to make contact with the overseas advertising industry. 
  • Adjust the strategic, focus more on China market from overseas.
  • The company was formally established. Become a strategic partner with multiple industry giants
  • The office in Chengdu was established

    APP Downloads 10,000,000+,
    User View 100,000,000+
    Clients 200+,
    Coverage 200+ Countries and Regions
  • WiteMedia Affiliate Network officially launched

  • Offices in Shanghai &Beijing were established.
  • Launched self-developed automatic product Facebook Marketing Partners.

  • US division found
    Qualified for Google AdWords PSP license
    Officially become the partner of Facebook CEP

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