Acquiring Good Market Share for Products with Top Quality Traffic

Combined with the independent research and development of intelligent media buying tool Jarvis, focus on tool application, game application promotion and realization, for the product to get a broader market, get more high-quality users, improve the brand value.

Customized Ads Serving Strategy, Customized Creative Design

Master designer and Ad serving optimization teams, empowered with professional technology and creative solutions to provide customized strategies, creative materials and 24/7 real-time optimization of advertising results.

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  • Video
  • Playable ads

Accurate Ad Serving

Better Understanding on the Target Audience

  • 1

    Demand side solution

  • 2

    User’s Behavior Analysis, Competitive Product Analysis

  • 3

    Identify Core Target AudiencesDetermine Ad Serving strategy

    • Time    • Content
    • User   • Behavior
    • Geo   • Device

  • 4

    Original Localized Creative Advertising Design

    • Picture    • Text
    • Video   • Try and Playable
    • Others

  • 5

    Media Solution

    • Facebook
    • Google Ads
    • Twitter
    • Others

  • 6

    Automation Management Data Monitoring Real Time Optimization

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